Thursday, November 24, 2011

Walking Dead Episode 3: Save the Last One

I'm BACK!!! Sorry to be away, I was in Disney World. Now before you get all judgemental on me about my lack of loyalty to you all let me add that I was with my 2 kids ages 5 & 7 and my parents (69 &74) all of whom would probably be scarred for life if they saw on-screen Zombies so I couldn't exactly drag them all home from a Disney park to watch our favorite show. I'll do better on my next vacation I promise. Hubby and I did manage to watch this episode on the plane as we were leaving so that's pretty dedicated to go from magical castles to The Walking Dead in the same morning right?
    Love the way the episode started. I was hard pressed to tell if the shower scene was a flashback or part of the storyline. Then we had the whole scene at the school with Rick's narrative about Shane's High School escapades on top of it which was artfully done.
    It's been a while since we had a TON of Zombies in an episode all in full-tilt attack mode and it was EPIC!! Every time they cut away from the high school to show us what was going on back at the ranch I was like "Nooo! Go Back!" and the scenes at the farmhouse just seemed to draaaaagggg on this week. Sometimes character development is like having to eat your veggies when there's cupcakes on the table. You know it's good in the long run but it's agonizing am I right?
      Then we had the "maybe it would be better for Carl if he dies" discussion. Lori REALLY?!? I mean it's tough for the time being but how long is the shelf-life of these Zombies anyway? Given a year to 2 years won't they decompose and just fall to pieces? And after that all the survivors can start picking out mansions in one of those over the top master-planned southern communities. I mean at least give it a chance right? The seizure was intense! How did they film that anyway? Does anyone else think that the kid actor pulled it off? Was it a special effect? If it wasn't then that kid should be up for an emmy.
    Our next situation features Daryl and Andrea in the woods. AND Daryl washed his face this week. Rock-on sweetie. Andrea: NEVER try to catch vomit in your hands. Especially if you're outside and it doesn't matter! You just end up with stinky hands - Rookie.
    Back at the ranch T-dog gets patched up, Glen and Maggie start to bond (yay Glen!) and Carl's situation becomes critical UNTIL Shane shows up with all the goods. There's more character development and then we're back where we started - in the shower with Shane. Except this time we get to see how it all went down back at the school. Remember what I said about the redemption of Shane? Wrong, Wrong WRONG! Or.... was it the right thing to do to save Carl? Am I applying the rules of civilization to a ridiculously uncivilized situation? Maybe Shane has just adapted to the new world faster and better than the other survivors and the rest of us. What do you all think?

Reader Comments:
Clare - I couldn't agree more on the choice of vehicles. SURELY they passed a few RV dealerships on their way into/out of Atlanta. And Jedi I'm with you on the window's down thing. Super-creepy. And whenever they stop I'm convinced that Zombies have crawled into one of the vehicles and are waiting to ambush them. But then again the Zombies don't seem that smart do they? There have been several instances on the show though of people walking past a bus or car with a Zombie sitting inside just hanging out so SOMETHING must motivate them to go into vehicles....
Flashbacks are fab and as for the cliffhangers, I'm with you! So good in theory yet at the end of every episode I'm shaking my fist at the screen screaming "Curse you Walking Dead show, Curse you!!!"
Jedi - Why do you think that CDC guy told Rick something about Lori? I'm intrigued.....


  1. So glad that you're back! I was *really* shocked by the ending of this one - I had been thinking during the episode that this series was much slower paced than the first one but that really pulled me up short.

    I really want to know what the CDC guy said, but I guess we'll find that out in due course.

    Look forward to hearing what you think about the other episodes when you've had a chance to catch up with them and hope you enjoyed the vacation!

  2. Wow I thought we lost you there for a sec! Whew! I should have never doubted your dedication.

    Well this might have been my favorite episode of the season. I love how the shower scene came full circle. Shane's abs didn't hurt either. Speaking of Shane, I was really on the fence about his Otis decision. I finally picked a side though and decided it was evil. I mean Otis's kneecap??? Dang! Why not the head to spare him the pain of being eaten alive and then having to come back as a zombie. Not cool Shane, not cool. Your abs will only get you so far.

    I actually like all the "vegetables". It draws you in and makes you care more. And if we ate "cupcakes" all the time, we'd surely have a coronary before the end of the episode.

    Glad you're back!