Monday, October 24, 2011

The Walking Dead - Episode 2: Bloodletting

Veeery interesting. Episode started with a flashback so of course I was psyched. The good news is ANY flashback is a good flashback and leaves me with the hope that they'll do more. I still want to know how the whole Zombie Apocalypse started and how they all dealt with it and ended up in the hobo camp ect. The bad news is that as flashbacks go this one was LAME. No new info about the Zombie uprising at all. More like a little slice of life piece and one we all could have imagined without seeing it on the screen. I'm always so bummed when the flashback ends too...need. more. backstory.
After the credits we were right where we left off. They found Otis and Hershel and Maggie (are their Zombie relatives locked in the barn?? Can't wait to find out!) and started patching Carl up. Lots of emotion, lots of character development. The biggest news seems to be the redemption of Shane. Even bigger is that I like it and have started to kind of cheer for the poor guy a bit. If he can stop being psycho and get back to loyal sidekick status that would be cool. Let's not forget that he had a go at Lori in the CDC rec room a mere 2 episodes ago though so the jury's still out on Shane.

Checking in with the rest of our little crew:
- Rick is white-lipped and barely on his feet. Dude needs a pint of Guiness and a steak.
- Lori is as expected for any mom.
- Dale is great. I love this guy more and more. He's the therapist, the mechanic, just all around good.
- Glenn. About to meet Maggie!
- Sophie. still lost
- Carol. She's hanging in there! I thought she'd be rocking in a fetal position by now. 
- T-Dog?? Stark raving mad.
- Andrea. We got to see her scream it out with a walker but other than that hard to tell with her.
- Daryl. You know I took a lot of flak for my Daryl crush last week. A LOT of flak. Yes, he's a bit rough around the edges but geez you guys, I'd make him wash his face ok? So besides being right next to Andrea one second and then like 100 yards away a moment later when she got attacked, Daryl still rocks. You know he does.... first we have his one liners and then he busts out his bag of meds WITH a major TMI about Merle and his personal life? Awesome. I can't wait to see Merle again. BTW.

So that leaves Shane and Otis trapped behind a metal fence at the High School. Love that they're ending each episode on a cliffhanger!!

I have to say that I am really enjoying the acting and the depth to which they're taking the characters on the show. It's a show about Zombies so it could be horribly campy and feature a bunch of D-cup teenagers in tank-tops and I LOVE that they've chosen to take it in a different direction. It's a Zombie show but it doesn't feel like a Zombie show. Know what I mean? It feels like a quality drama.

But my real favorite is the 3 minute "Inside the Walking Dead" thing they release each week where Rick starts talking all British and Daryl starts analyzing things like he just graduated from Princeton. Classic.....


  1. Observations of my own:

    -Why are they pushing late model 4WD vehicles off the road to make room for the Winnebago that makes the Mystery Machine look good???

    -I'm more disappointed in Shane for checking out Rick through the scope of his rifle than for his drunken, CDC moves. But the jury's not out for me on Shane. He's proved himself time and time again. So he's got issues - don't they all?

    -I love the character development going on here. There's not a character on the show that I don't love, token or otherwise. I love all the drama! The Good Wife or one of those goofy Law and Order shows MIGHT be Best Drama but the most Dramatic Drama award DEFINITELY goes to The Walking Dead. Tell me, what's more dramatic than dead cannibals chasing you. But what has me even more excited is the endless scenarios and plot twists that could develop from this show. I asked my husband, about 6 months before I ever heard of TWD,"Why isn't there a zombie series on TV?" I mean vampires shmampires, I want zombies. It was to my delight and surprise that not only would there be a zombie series, but it would be AWESOME!!!

    - Hate that they're ending each episode on a cliffhanger! No, I really do love it but my poor little heart can only take so much. I'm literally out of breath at the end of each episode.

  2. Can some one please explain to me why everyone drives around with the windows down? What no AC? I seriously cannot believe in a world with zombies around every corner with their grabby hands, survivors are driving around with the windows open.

    I'm with you on the flashbacks, I NEED to know more. WTH happened, how long was Rick out before the world went to hell in a hand cart?

    Oh and 1 more Q. Are we all ignoring that the CDC guy told Rick something about Lori? And did we all jump to the same conclusion?