Sunday, October 9, 2011

Season 2 Prep. Whoop!!!

Oh man, I MISSED you guys! It's been since December?!? That's crazy! Season 2 of the Walking Dead is only one glorious week away and we have soooo much to talk about before then. I gotta re-watch. I gotta re-connect. Oh boy oh boy...

So I have 4 topics that I want to discuss. Here they are in no particular order:
1.) The Season 2 Trailer. I forgot just how skin crawlingly, wet-yourself SCARY this show can be! I mean we got Zombies in the RV, people hiding under cars as Zombies walk past - I want to critique this move sooo badly but it's a preview! I will not jump to conclusions... it could be part of a dream sequence or taken massively out of context so I will hold my judgement until I see the footage roll. If it is what I think it is though these people are goin' down. I saw new characters, stress freak-outs, drama, excitement, you name it! My husband spend the 15 minutes after we watched it sneaking up on me going "bwahah!!" and making me jump out of my skin!! I gotta get my game face back on, toughen up, show a little backbone. After all this season will hopefully last more than 6 episodes.

2.) The 6 little Webisodes on the AMC website. Who loves back story? I do!! We got the story of the draggy-torso Zombie chick and I loved it. Again, I was actually freaked out and writhing in front of my computer because it's been so long since I've seen a Zombie munch anyone that I'm all sketched out like a newbie. Of course we all KNOW never to follow a streaky blood trail in the basement in the dark that you can only see in the light of your pathetic feeble flashlight beam. It's been a while since I screamed things at characters while watching something. "What? shotgun blow to the midsection? Bah!! C'mon dude, double tap to the head!!! Jeez what a neophite." "Full glass on your entryway eh? Poor, poor design choice." I won't even start on my reaction to the Zombie CPR attempt. EPIC!! Think we'll see those kids again or do you think they got munched?

3.) I did it. I read the comic book. Well not all of it. It's been a process you see. I'm up to like #80 something. So remember the episode of "Friends" where they had to put the copy of Stephen King's "The Shining" in the freezer because it got too scary? Yeah, at points I had to just walk away for a bit. I would have put the actual comics in the freezer but they're all on my iPad and I was afraid it would get freezer burn. I went into reading the comic thinking that anything in B&W comic form could NEVER be as scary as something on the TV screen and boy was I wrong. I actually hope they deviate from the comic plot a whole bunch. The author of this series has a massive grudge against his main characters and I'm kinda hoping that some of the ones we got now get to stick around for a bit. I may get back to reading it again. When the nightmares stop....

4.) I started leading a hard-core mountain run/hike session every Friday. The first session was 7.3 miles with huge elevations gains and losses and they've built from there. I call it the "Zombie Apocalypse Workout" cuz, you know.... rule #1: cardio and all that. Last week I had 7 gals and I made them start running again toward the top of this massive climb and I was all "Yeah you can't run?? Well if Zombies were chasing you right now you'd be running up this hill with a kid slung over each shoulder!" And then I chased them up the hill making Zombie sounds. I'm just sharing that with you guys because you're the only people in the world that would appreciate it.

See you in a week!

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