Monday, December 6, 2010

The Walking Dead Episode 6: TS-19

WOW. For the first time I am actually able to say that our wretched little band of survivors made all the right decisions. Except for Shane being inappropriate. Oh and the chick that decided to stay and die in the fire - definitely a bad choice.... but I mean as a GROUP they were spot on with the decision making the whole time. So what if most of their choices revolved around "wine or whisky?" or what kind of hair conditioner to grab on the way to the showers? When it really started to hit the fan, they made the decision to keep on keepin' on, which is ALWAYS the way to go when the possible future of humanity rests on your weary shoulders.
  Now whether or not humanity is worth saving is a whoooole other question, and if CDC dude is a prime example of the humanity we're trying to save then the answer is gonna get pretty muddled. This guy screwed our little survivor family over so badly it leaves me with my head in my hands... I mean do you realize how many cases of wine and boxes of powdered eggs they could have packed into that Winny? They could have scavenged guns, soap, medical supplies and high thread count sheets, but CDC guy had to tell them the place was going to explode with 30 minutes left on the clock and then lock them in until the last 4 so not only do they get to take no new supplies with them, but I bet they lost a whole bunch of stuff that they brought! What a horrific waste! OK! I'm done ranting.
      Episode 6 started with a flashback - check off Christmas Wish #4! (Santa's been good to me this year eh?). The Flashback was EPIC! Seriously who wants to have a beer and discuss? I could write an entire blog entry just playing "I notice, I wonder" about the flashback!!  The military was executing people? How long between the first cases and the horrific scene we witnessed at the hospital? Were hospitals the first points of epidemic (what a ridiculous question.... of course they were!) and meanwhile what was going on in the rest of the population? How long did it take society to break down? There must have been other factors because the disease spreads so quickly that it would be hard for it to travel far. I mean think about it, if you get on a plane infected, that plane's NOT going to land so how did it spread to other countries? We saw how Shane really did think that Rick was dead and barricaded him in to protect him. They explained quite a lot in a brief little flashback. I have high, high, hopes that we will see more of these.
   Then we got to see everybody arrive at the CDC. It was soooo nice to see them let down their guard for a bit, get cleaned up, eat, SLEEP with no Zombie attacks, and just re-group a bit even though we knew there had to be a catch. And what a catch it was. We really didn't learn anything new about the Zombies even while watching the TS-19 video. We knew that death came first, and then re-animation, and we already knew they didn't have higher reasoning capacity. We did find out that the ZTT is anywhere from 3 minutes (Terror!) to 8 hours. And then we found out that the place was about to blow. Geez.
     It totally peeves me off when someone gives up and decides to take everyone with them. I mean we're trying to repopulate the world here dude! (If we can find an outpost and find a Zombie free place to shag I mean...) So we finally used the grenade (How weird was it that she had it on her person?? What was it, like stashed in her bra or what? Not exactly something you casually put in your back pocket with your iphone just in case you might need it am I right?) And they all escaped. Dale even got Andrea out so props to him. Now what?
   You know there's a lot of nice countryside around Atlanta. They need to drive out somewhere, find a nice lonely farmhouse and set up shop. They need to hit suburban gun shops and REI's and get some supplies and a few nights sleep. Then have a little group huddle around a map and brainstorm. If they can't find a nice prison to hole up in, how about an Island?? It's pretty far to the coast, but there are some big lakes outside Atlanta and some of them have nice sized Islands. If you could clear one of them, it could be a good place to hang out. Where do you think they should go? No fair using the comic storyline either. After all, we have about 326 days to discuss this until the next episode comes out.......