Sunday, November 27, 2011

Walking Dead Episode 6: Secrets

Secrets, Secrets. You're feeding CHICKENS to the Zombies in your barn? Unprecedented. I have so many questions. How many chickens do you have to feed them? Is it only protein or can you chuck some oatmeal in there too on occasion? I mean feeding protein to a herd of anything gets expensive right? I'm ALL ABOUT trapping a few zombies and keeping them for experiments but not to keep 'em alive. I'd have one in an indoor pen to see if it would eventually starve and "die". I'd freeze one and thaw it to see if it comes back unscathed. I'd subject one of 'em to the elements to see if it would eventually decompose. Knowledge is power my friends and somebody needs to figure out the shelf life of these suckers. Then we can all start picking out our estates. I'm not gonna lie... I might go see if I can re-open Disney World and in the meantime I might live in the castle. They have a lot of greenhouses down there. I bet I could grow a bunch of food.
    Glenn is freaking out about all his secrets and he's not very subtle. Love the scene where he's with the guys and Lori sees him and wields this stick like "you tell and I'm gonna lay into you...." hysterical. Then we all have to decide if Carl gets to join the gun class. I say normal life = no small children in gun class, Zombie apocalypse life = sign the kid up! Just my humble opinion. Shoot, my 5 year old would be packin' if you ask me.
    Then we have Glen and Dale. Best lines of the episode:
"Stop being dramatic - spit it out."
"There's walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant."
Dale's face - priceless!! Glen would make a horrible spy by the way.
     On to Dale and Hershel in the barn. Does Hershel REALLY think that anyone could be brought back once they become a walker? With a body full of maggots and pieces hanging off?? It's almost December so It's time for Christmas Wish #1, 2011. Santa the FIRST thing I want this Christmas is for Hershel to get taken out by his very own herd of penned-up Zombies. It would be poetic and it would spare us all from having to listen to any more of his speeches.
      I was blindsided by the whole Shane/Andrea thing the first time but in re-watching the episode there's ALL kinds of sexual tension building between the 2 of them. How did I miss that the first time? First we're at the shooting range and then we're having some kind of private lesson with a swinging log. Geez. It gets kinda intense out there. But when is Shane ever not intense?
     The whole Andrea/Shane thing is soooo much better than Lori and Rick's drama though. We're still wringing our hands about having to leave the Zombie farm. At no point is it even suggested that we go get our OWN farm. I'm having a problem not rolling my eyes. Then we're on to Lori and Dale. Lori sheesh. Is the cup EVER half full?? First we want Carl to die and now new baby has no chance for happy memories. In 7 months they all could be living it up in a Zombie-free world for all we know. She's a ray of sunshine every time we see her.
      Back to the pharmacy. Now Hershel's an idiot but Maggie saw the bloated well Zombie split in two so she should KNOW that walkers are beyond redemtion. She needed to get up close and personal with one and Glen needed to save her. Ooooh and don't you just love it when they pop out of nowhere and you yelp and leap about a foot off the couch? Perfect Zombie for her to see too. I mean it's head is off like the John Cleese ghost in Harry Potter and the things still comin'. How much more evidence do you NEED that they're goners once they turn? She has a total hissy fit back at camp too because she knows they're everyone else is right now and she has to deal with it.
      Shane and Andrea then hit this neighborhood and Andrea finally gets her sharpshootin' mojo on under Jedi master Shane's tutelage. So then she jumps him in the car on the way home. BLINDSIDE! Wow - 2 hookups in 2 weeks! Who's next?? This will create so much drama in the coming weeks. I don't see Andrea and Shane working out long term and when that ends Shane's gonna LOSE IT big time.
     That's it for the action but there's still 8 minutes of episode left. Dale knows that something's up and invites Shane to leave. Rick and Lori finally have it out and he finds out about the baby and Shane all at once and handles it as only Rick would.
    So the bottom line is that we're on the launch pad for a whoooooole bunch of things to blow up in the next few episodes. The walkers in the barn are going to escape and there will be casualties. Oh yes.... (Santa - wish #1 Pleeeease!). That's going to force the issue with the whole group leaving the farm and if Sophia's not found before then she's gone forever so hopefully we'll see her soon. Going back on the road is totally going to increase the mortality rate in our little band as it always does. Of course there are now expendable ancillary characters that we've seen on screen for a few seconds at a time so that always let's you know that something big may be on the horizon. Ohhh the suspense!

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  1. Yes, I agree again that was definitely the best line of the episode :-D I could see what was coming in the pharmacy (although admittedly I thought it was going to happen during the first visit) but still delightfully scary of course.