Sunday, November 27, 2011

Walking Dead Episode 4: Cherokee Rose

Zzzzzz...... What? no, I'm awake. Sorry, it's just that this episode started out so darn slow. Rest of the crew shows up at the farm, find out that Carl's gonna pull through and they start formally organizing the search for Sophia. Andrea and Shane have words. Hershel tells Rick they're gonna have to move on down the road in a bit. Dale and T-Dog get all sentimental out by the well until they find a waterlogged Zombie (OK, I'll admit that part was kinda cool.) Rick and Hershel have a discussion about God up on the ridge. Hershel is getting super-annoying. One second he's this enlightened God-lecturing do-gooder and the next he's telling everyone that they're going to have to clear off his farm soon. And then we have this ridiculous get the Zombie out of the well scenario. Who else liked the canned ham fishing? Please you guys. Ever hear that old joke? How many apocalypse survivors does it take to get a Zombie out of a well....
      Clearly more than we have. Yikes. When they lowered Glen down Hubby goes "that'll work until the well-head gives way.." then SNAP! Down goes Glen. My man's prophetic!
    If Daryl had been helping they would have come up with a better plan but he's still on a quest to find Sophia because he is secretly the SWEETEST MAN ALIVE. Looks like he may have found her little hideout too. The longer we go without finding her the more I think that we'll see her again. What do you all think?
     The Zombie splitting open on the edge of the well was gnarly. I'm finding out that the longer you go with nothing happening on the show the bigger the payoff when something DOES happen. Gotta love the build up. Best line of the episode: "Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it." I'm starting to like T-Dog again.
      So that's it. One bloated, water-logged Zombie. I was just about to go quietly back to sleep and then.... NOOKIE ALERT!  Glen and Maggie hit the pharmacy. Go Glen!! I am so psyched for him. He deserves at LEAST this much after the well episode.
    Aww but it was all over a bit too quickly. Back to Rick and Hershel. Rick is now begging to be allowed to stay on the farm. Hershel's telling stories about his Dad and he's still annoying. So let's break it down. Can this REALLY be the only farm in the area? Is there even such a thing as ONE SOLITARY FARM anywhere in the US? I'm thinking not. So they need to find a map of the area. (No map? send Glen and Maggie after one in town - they'd be THRILLED to go!!) and then they can have Hershel show them the nearest farm probably with a common border to his (not that they may want that... we still don't know what's in Hershel's barn) and they can take possession of that farm and form a multi- farm alliance. They they can carry their guns on their own property and help each other and Glen and Maggie can continue to shag each other and Hershel doesn't have to annoy anyone. Perfect.
    Look what I wrote about Daryl just a few short paragraphs ago. He is now bringing people FLOWERS!! He's gone from cussing out everyone in earshot to searching for little girls and bringing flowers to crying women. His face hasn't been washed since last week so we're backsliding in some areas but I mean c'mon, no one can turn into a romantic hero overnight....
    That's about all of it. Carl and Rick talk and Rick and Lori talk some more and then Lori pees on a stick in the moonlight. So Zombie count = 1 and the episode might actually win the award for slowest week ever on the Walking Dead but it may just have been saved by the mid-episode pharmacy shag. Let's hope we see some better Zombie action next week eh?

Reader Comments: FoilPlay, thanks for hanging in there and checking in mid-week after a long hiatus!


  1. Thank you, you're welcome, I'm loving your blog! Just checking in again and catching up on your views after watching the mid season finale (a concept I'm still struggling to contend with, despite having been introduced to it previously with Flash Forward). Definitely agree with your nomination of the best line in this episode :-D

  2. I too, like your husband, am a prophet. 30 seconds before Shane shot Otis I called it and SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!.........I called Sophia being in the barn! I also thought Lori was pregnant like 5 episodes ago. Maybe we could start some new age zombie church.

    I've always liked T-Dog and keep wishing they would use him more. For instance, his wife "opted out" at the CDC and it hasn't even been mentioned. He's seems like a token black character. As long as they don't bring a funny, flamboyant, token gay guy into the cast, I will keep watching. Okay, I'd still watch.