Monday, March 18, 2013

Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 314: Prey

Arrrrghhh, bad guys are SO hard to kill. The crux of this episode played out like the opening scene of a classic horror flik: Moonless night? Check. Creepy abandoned outbuilding full of booby-traps and hidden corners? Check. Hot blonde chick? Check. Deranged killer that you just KNOW will come out on top because it's just the beginning of the movie? (or in our case almost the season finale, so the death of the Gov would leave us with no antagonist with which to wrap up the season) Check. Classic old-school suspense. All my fingernails are GONE after this episode and with only 2 more installments left in the season it looks like I won't be growin' em back out until April.
   I'm really starting to like Milton. At first I thought he was a creepy henchman, kind of like the Himmler to the Governor's Hitler. But now he's showing how much heart and conscience he really has. I sure hope he lives out the season, I'd really like him to end up with the crew at the prison. He's already bonded with Hershel, and I'm sure he would be well-received by the rest of the group as well.
    So we start the episode with a weird flashback to the days of Michonne and Andrea that really didn't reveal all that much. We learned that Michonne's decoy zombies were people that she knew and that they weren't very nice guys. Michonne clearly doesn't want to talk about it but Andrea prattles amicably away showing that she can be annoying in pretty much any setting.
    Then Milton finds out about the Governor's torture chamber, clues Andrea in on it but then prevents her from shooting him in the head. The guy's compassionate, you have to hand it to him. Andrea sees the Gov's chamber of horrors and instead of seducing him and then killing him and getting it RIGHT this time she decides to flee the scene. Not to worry though, she sneaks out with no witnesses, and goes into stealth mode like a ninja so the Governor and his henchmen have no hope of tracking her down. Or not. We can only dream of such things my friends. What REALLY happens is that she strides out the front gate with bold declarations, wearing her "Heading Back to the Prison, Yo" T-Shirt and then proceeds to run down the center line of the main road back to her friends. I literally had my head in my hands with audible groaning. It boggles the mind. THEN once the first truck heads out after her she heads across an open field with no possible cover and gets spotted by her Ex. Good times, good times. Next comes the horror movie segment. I have to give her massive props for unleashing the Zombies and hiding behind the door though. If only it had worked....
    I really like Sasha and Tyreese and I hope they hook back up with the prison crew and give Rick a second chance. For a while there I thought that THEY had burned the Zombies in the pit. I didn't think Milton had it in him. He may be the key to the whole thing.
   We finished up the episode with Andrea back in the hands of the Gov, (bummer that the person who frequently hallucinates was on guard duty eh?) Tyreese and Sasha believing in the goodness of the Governor, and Milton being on the outs. He'd better think about heading for the hills as well, or he could be the next person going for a ride in the Governor's little chair.


  1. Totally creeped out by this episode.......Gov is sick sick sick.....

  2. I was very very upsetting. In a new and different way than nearly all the other episodes. Did you happen to notice him laying out the gyn implement? I think I am beginning to love MIlton, but he's not savvy enough to fool the Gov. He's got to get out and join the prison group and save Andrea. I know, I really dislike her character...but even ANDREA doesn't deserve a fate such as this.

  3. CREEPY! Great episode! Poor Andrea, who will save her frm the chair? I did miss me some Daryl this episode though..sure he will be back next week to make up for it.

  4. Ok...just re watched as I worked out....anyone think Martinez might have torched the walkers? I ask bc last week he said they killed his kids. Tyrese mentioned the women and children at the prison in front of Martinez? And, I think Milton could save Andrea bf he's killed.....

  5. Red, me too! I think Milton is going to do something awesome and epic in the season finale...