Monday, March 11, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 313: Arrow on the Doorpost

Can we talk about weapons for a minute? The revolver, while an excellent choice for taking out Grizzly Bears, is a poor, POOR choice for the Zombie Apocalypse and I can't for the life of me figure out why Rick would still be using one. I get that the revolver has a whole Clint Eastwood kind of cool attached to it but with Daryl and Michonne both modelling superior weapons you would think that Rick would have made the switch by now. The thing is way too loud for one, and it only has 6 shots! You tell me what sketchy situation you're going to get into during the Z.A. where you're only gonna need 6 shots? Then to re-load you have to put the bullets in individually which means you have to carry them individually and if you're diving and rolling they're going to be falling out of your pockets PLUS you're gonna be all hopped up on adrenaline trying to get them in there as the zombies bear down on you and your hands are going to be shaking, bullets falling all over the ground.... are you guys getting a visual here or what? You don't NEED a visual because we've seen this happen, week after week. Rick's out of bullets, everyone else is slapping in the next cartridge and he's flailing. Or he's out of ammo and fighting the undead with that little steak knife of his. Oh the humanity. Remember a few weeks ago outside the prison where his ass would have been  toast if Daryl and Merle hadn't shown up just in time? Meanwhile you have D & M the wonder-twins silently taking out the un-dead with so much style it's crazy. Adapt or be destroyed Rick, I'm tellin' you...
   This was a very interesting episode. And we're being set up for one humdinger of a season finale.... can you feel it? Rick and the Governor have this man to man show-down. It was an interesting meeting of the minds because both leaders played it very cool, both have an agenda, and both are very intense but it doesn't really matter what goes down between them or what they both agree to because we all know that the Governor's word means nothing so what's really the point?
   It was far more interesting what happened outside the building. Daryl and Hershel are guarding it for Rick when Martinez and Milton show up. Daryl and Martinez have to earn each other's respect thru a classic pissing-contest round of Zombie Killing (which by the way, Daryl CLEARLY wins) but I'm pretty sure D earned some initial respect from Martinez with his "Butler" comment in their first conversation. After the zombies are all dispatched Daryl and Martinez share a smoke and earn each other's respect. This is FAR more important that the BS that's going down inside the building as each side knowing that there are good people on the other side is going to do much more to prevent a war than the lies the 2 leaders are telling each other. Meanwhile Hershel and Milton spend some time geeking out together and also have a bonding moment. Meawhile Andrea has been sent outside like an unwanted puppy dog and just sits and hangs her head. Poor girl.... this is what happens to you when you shag every unstable man you come in contact with. Wait.... now, that's unfair of me. She didn't shag the CDC guy and he was CLEARLY unstable... but given enough time they would have hooked up. In fact they probably would have hooked up in the last 5 minutes before the building exploded during her ill-fated "I'll just stay here and die" episode had Dale not intervened.
    Back at the prison we can only ask ourselves one question: WHY is Merle not locked up in a cell? After getting into a physical tussle with Glen and then trying to recruit every single team member except the baby to go against orders and raid the negotiation site he should have totally been locked up. Take note Glen, lock up Merle, THEN shag Maggie. Speaking of shagging, I get crazy nervous every time it happens. I'm just waiting for a zombie hand to reach out and grab an ankle or something. And should we REALLY be shagging each other when we're on guard duty in the middle of a war in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse? Discipline people, look into it.
    So now Rick is back, he tells the crew that they're amping up for War, and only confides the truth about the Gov wanting Michonne to Hershel. Good choice because anyone else would probably tell him to hand her over.  And back at Woodbury it looks like the Gov is gearing up to blind-side Rick when they meet back up so Rick can give him his decision. Which means that next week should be fairly epic!


  1. Ok...So you and I had the EXACT feeling I had about Rick's gun....seriously. It's nearly as if he brought a knife to a gun fight! I think you hit on every single point I was thinking....except one...well...two. First: I think there are possibilities beyond just killing the gov. We see Martinez and Daryl "bonding" and we see Hershel and Milton bonding. Will more than just Andrea defect? Could that be his downfall? Not death, initially? But his muscle unraveling and then he spends a few seasons building back? 2 - Andrea. It was very subtle, but Hershel did it again....he is always able to give someone the strength to do what they have to do...and I think he did that for Andrea. She might just be a key to the triumph of our little group! I wonder how this will play out.
    I really hope that Rick knows he can't trust the Gov......I feel like he might be on to it...but not sure.....

  2. While I agree the round count of the revolver makes it a bad choice, your wrong about the reloading. On a revolver a button releases the cylinder and pushes the brass out. Then you use a speed reloader, which is a disk that holds all the rounds in position and drops them into the cylinder when you press the button on the back. It’s not what I would pick but it is pretty fast and you can see Rick use them. Also for a firearm Daryl was carrying a 1911 which may be magazine fed but still only holds 7 rounds. I personally carry an XD 45 which holds either 10 rounds or 13 rounds of 45 ACP depending on the magazine I use. But for a zombie apocalypse a 9mm such as my competition pistol might be better. For competitions I use an XD 9mm which holds 20 rounds and has almost no recoil. Also 9mm, 40s&w, and .45ACP are the most common pistol calibers used by citizens and the government. So ricks revolver might also be hard to find ammo for once he's out. But he does look awesome drawing that thing.

    Just thought I'd clear all that up. It seems to be a common misconception.

  3. OK, OK, several people have gotten at me for the speed reloader. I concede the point on that one. But it's still too damn loud!