Monday, November 12, 2012

Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 5: Say The Word.

So some of you out there are saying that this episode was mostly about Rick going off the deep end and some of you are saying that it's about Andrea, Michonne, and the Governor. Well you're all wrong because this episode was CLEARLY about Daryl "Super Nanny" Dixon. Can we pause for a moment and log a running tally of his achievements in this one episode alone?
1.)Assesses Rick and see's that he has checked out.
2.)He organizes a mission to fetch infant formula.
3.)Schedules a play buddy for Carl so he won't be sad
4.)Rocks a bitchin' Pancho Villa cape thing and then gives it to the baby like a wise man givin' presents to the baby Jesus.
5.) He organizes the neighborhood ladies so that every night someone brings Rick and Carl a covered dish or a casserole. (OK, I made this one up but if it were an option he would have done it.)
6.) Kills dinner with his crossbow.
7.) Brings back all the loot and Maggie in one piece.
8.) Feeds the baby it's first bottle like an old pro.
9.) Gets Carl thinking about baby names.
10.) Lays flowers on the graves of the fallen (Carol?).
And he does it all with grace, kindness, and his nice little "Today is the GOOD version of Daryl" smile. Has anyone EVER done so much in one episode? I think not. He still needs to wash his face but man oh man, he's ownin' the Zombie Apocalypse like it's his job people. And I love him for it.

Onto the lesser plot threads:
The Governor in the TV show is definitely a kinder, gentler, less rape-prone version of the Governor in the comic. So much so that it makes Michonne seem kind of crazy and over-reactive. And that bums me out a bit. I want him to show his true colors so Michonne's fears and suspicions are validated. We have now seen the heads in the fish tanks, his Zombie daughter that he is keeping as a pet, and the fights he organizes but all that just kind of makes him look eccentric and not evil. Even his slaughter of the Army guys could be written off as an attempt to keep his people safe. He's evil though and I bet we see something big go down in the next few episodes.
Michonne is awesome. Can't wait for her to join the prison alliance.
Andrea- when you make bad choices, bad things happen to you. Should have left when you had the chance.
Rick just made me cringe in this episode. Mostly because of the copious amounts of Zombie splatter that he wore like mourning clothes. You know me and Zombie splatter... I can't handle it.
Carol: ?!?!?
And 2 final zombie survival tips to send us on our way:
1.) If you have to choose between sending power to the Zombie Research Laboratory or the beer cooler you ALWAYS choose the ZRL. We're all clear on that right?!?
2.) WHAT was Maggie wearing in this episode? Was it a cuuuute little top with lots of shredded strips and fringe? no, No, NO!! Totally grabbable by zombies. Performance fabrics in the right size so there's not a lot of flowing material around you is the uniform of the ZA people. We want quick, drying, splatter resistant, non-snaggable duds. As long as they're within those parameters they can still be cute though....I mean girls gotta be girls right? 


  1. You are so right on all counts! And yes, I called the walker daughter AND Gov having a thing for Andrea (whom I cannot stand) in last week's blog comments. I'm thinking Maggie on a scouting trip has found an Urban Outfitters or something. Apparently, she doesn't share any of her finds with the others in the group. And, more than once (especially when I look at Axel) I imagine that the stench around the prison is not only from the corpses.....No deoderant..ewww.......or toilet paper....ok. Don't want to ruin the show for myself. GREAT assessment! Daryl is by far one of my favorite characters! And, the last two episodes span only 1 day or so....Carol will turn up....another prediction! That's an obvious one. I did NOT however realize that Michonne finds the prison. THAT will be awesome!

  2. It's a recorded message of Mitt Romney on the phone with Rick...asking for his vote on Election Day.

    Love "The Daryl". Tailgated at many a football game with "Daryl's"


  3. Cardinalcouple I just snorted milk out my nose reading your comment. You are hysterical!