Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 306: Hounded

 I know, I know, I'm late in getting this out. But I live in AFRICA dude, and sometimes the internet goes out. No one is more frustrated about this than me....
To sum it up quick:
Michonne has discovered that WEARING Zombie can be just as effective as leading Zombies when it comes to camouflage. And she's leaving people Zombie-gram's. LOVE her more every episode.
Andrea is a dirty Ho.
Daryl has added pediatric grief counseling and CSI analysis to his list of accomplishments.
Rick is coo-coo for coco puffs.
Glen and Maggie are pretty much screwed.
Carol's alive!

Merle is hard-core. He's just devious and vicious, and mean like a junk-yard dog. No wonder Daryl has issues. Can you imagine growing up with Captain Sadist as your older brother? We really saw his true colors in this episode. You're not going to cross with Merle and win unless you're the Governor or you kill him. And something tells me that he's going to go quickly down hill from here as he tries to get info out of Glen and Maggie. He also get's the best line of the episode:
"How do you say your last name?.... I'm gonna keep calling you 'Neil'."

Rick's plight is just painful to watch. He gets a phone call and then the chick hangs up on him?!? Was anyone else like "*69 those suckers!" I was, before I realized that there was no way that Rick was receiving actual calls. Oops. But mid-way through the episode he got all cleaned up and showered and I breathed an audible sigh of relief and contentment. And then things got radically better. This is the same principle I try to instill in my manky little 6 year old.  "I know you don't want to stop playing and jump in the bath, but you're feel great afterward, I promise." One thing that I noticed in the prison scenes is that the group is getting SMALL. Especially once Glen and Maggie take off. It's like Hershel, Carl, Beth, the new replacement token black guy and that's it. Because Rick and Daryl are almost always off doing something. Where's the mustache guy? Is he on sabbatical already because he's put in sooo much work this season or what?

Next can someone please explain to me why Andrea has to shag every single narcissistic, megalomanic, psychotic man in the post zombie world? It's a real thing with her. She may actually need counseling to break the cycle. Her scenes with the Governor were actually PAINFUL to watch in this episode. So much hair-flipping, eyelash batting insanity it's crazy.  She is going down a very dark path and she's totally off-script from the comic so I have no idea what's in store for her at this point. And what's with the Gov? I thought he was shagging his PR rep? I smell a chick-fight coming people and it ain't gonna be pretty. My $'s on Andrea for this one. She makes really, really bad hook-up decisions but the girl's a scrapper, you have to give her that.

So now it's time to talk about Michonne and Daryl. Who will be together in the prison by next weeks' episode! Is it me or do my Christmas wishes always come through? Let the republic of awesome begin!! I kind of like the whole Carol/Daryl thing going on but he may have to move on. I mean if Daryl and Michonne got together, reproduced and stayed alive long enough to parent then there may actually be a chance for humanity in this apocalyptic world. We'd have little 5 year olds with ripped arms and incredible abs cross-bowing zombies in the head with their miniature samurai swords on their backs for when they run out of arrows. Daryl has come far enough that he would actually make a great dad now. The guy just has so much heart. Loved the scene where he was outside the closet trying to get up his nerve to go in there because he was worried about seeing Carol as a walker or seeing her eaten. Why Carol didn't call out when they went by the first time is totally beyond me. Who's got a theory on this one? And does Michonne know how to make an entrance or what?!? With what Rick went through earlier he had to be wondering if he was having another hallucination. In the classic words of Fillmore from 'Cars': "I'm not the only one seeing this right?!?"


  1. Love your reviews! There was a line stating the bearded guy was working on the boiler.

  2. This was a great review, again! Axel is working in the Generator Room. Carol's homecoming could have been more exciting - have to say, I know there was some mention of she and Daryl "getting it on" I saw no further evidence of that since the first week. I think it's more of a deep connection, but you're prediction of Daryl and Michonne is interesting. I think she couldn't yell out b/c she was either traumatized by her experience, or is dehydrated from a few days in a cell? Or, (gasp) has she been bitten?????? That would suck! Just when we get her back..... I was very confused by Merle last week. This week is much more in line with his character. He's an ass and although I think it was a bit too obvious with his conversation wtih Carl, Daryl's alligence is NOT going to be with Merle.

    When Hersel came in to see Rick, I knew those calls were "dreams".

    re: Andrea....this is what happens when MEN are making up female characters. I always go back to thinking of the writers in a sort of Big Bang Theory sort of way. They only have idealized images of women, not the real thing, b/c Andrea is a hot mess. I can't stand her character at all. If a woman wrote that, she'd have left with Michonne quicker than you can say Hot Flash! Lori had that same sort of "male" quality as does Michonne. Carol is the meak and mild.....

    Sorry, I'm rambling....But, staying up late to watch was worth that last scene. It was FANTASTIC....Rick seemingly going off the deep end again, only to see Michonne, amongst all the walkers, with the FORMULA! I actually had a lump in my throat. I saw on another blog that they were wondering where the baby's onsie came from. Daryl had it in his hand when he killed the possum at the day care. I have to say, I love him :)

    I find myself waiting for your reviews on Monday or Tuesday like I do on sundays for the show itself!