Monday, March 12, 2012

Walking Dead Epsiode 212: Better Angels

I have 2 things to say right off the cuff and then I'm gonna need to rock and cry for a bit before I finish tonight's missive. 1 - This show has become a Greek Tragedy. Seriously... I'm starting to feel like if I joined a grief support group it would be full of fellow TWD fans. It makes the Stephen King book I'm currently reading seem like a romance novel. 2 - At the rate they're killing off major characters the show will be over in about 2 more episodes. A few brave shows in the history of TV have had the cojones to kill of a major player, but has ANY show ever killed off main characters 2 weeks in a row? ANY?!? Somebody please go grab an almanac, check the Wiki or phone a friend - I'm dying to know.
   Ok, I'm back from my grief session. The thing is, this episode started out so WELL. I had hope that the group was going to rally around the standard of Dale and his morality. I guess the fact that a bunch of them had to go postal on a bunch of walkers should have tipped me off. But seriously, who doesn't need to blow off some steam after a funeral? Andrea and Glen had a moment (at the Winnie appropriately enough) where they both came to grips with how much Dale had meant to them. Carl came clean to Shane about seeing the walker and not telling anyone and I was dumb enough to think that this was kind of a cathartic moment. I thought that Shane might be able to move into a new role in the group, be a mentor to Carl, a protector to the rest of them and discreetly shag Andrea on the side. I thought he might you know, move on. But then Lori had to go and ruin the whole thing. Aauuuurrrghgh!!!
    Lori in her infinite wisdom decides that it might be a really, really nice idea if she catches Shane alone, looks deep and longingly into his liquid brown eyes, and does some tip toeing down memory lane about the time they spent together knockin' boots in the woods. She looks at him with anguish and tells him woefully that she "doesn't even know who's baby this is!" And then she thanks him and says how sorry she is about how things have gone down. Next time Lori, just strip naked and go for it right there at the windmill. If pouring gasoline all over some smouldering embers that are just about to finally, FINALLY go out is your goal, why not really knock it out of the park?
   So Shane, in his usual unstable state, gets the realization that the baby MIGHT be his and that Lori MIGHT still have feelings for him all in one 5 minute conversation. If only Rick were out of the picture!! Wait a minute.....
     Not gonna recap the rest of what happened because it's too painful. But as usual I have some  things to point out. Hershel! What a change eh? He's organizing marshmellow roasts and inviting people in to re-decorate. He'll be spooning with T-Dog before you know it. I'm actually starting to like the guy. And of COURSE they just figured this group harmony thing out and now they're probably going to have to flee for their lives. Typical.
   Daryl is back and still awesome. And you know that when they split off into 2 groups you don't even have to worry about Glen because for Daryl tracking dead people or escaped prisoners through the foggy woods at midnight is right in his comfort zone. And he's once again laying down the best line of the episode:
"I don't see you and I trading haymakers on the side of the road."
I love him and if they EVER kill him off I may have to do something drastic in protest. He makes me a bit nervous because he's not in the comic at all so I have NO idea whether or not his character may live or die. I mean Shane lasted a LOT longer than he did in the comic and Dale not nearly as long but they were both eventually killed off. Daryl also has a total realization in the woods. He is maybe the first character that GETS that people that didn't get bit are now turning into Zombies. If by the end of the episode Rick and Carl don't get that too then I don't know what it's gonna take, and with what's coming at them from across the field it doesn't look like they're gonna have much time to discuss it but still. And please tell me that a crowd of Zombies that size would do SOMETHING to tip you off so that Rick and Carl don't get blindsided. I mean you'd hear them coming right?!? You'd SMELL them coming don't you think?!? Next week is going to be sooo epic.
   The scene at the end was beautifully shot. Maybe I noticed that only because I was so horrified with what was going down that I had to take my mind off it... ("the loons! Can you hear the loons?!?") but it was. As soon as Rick handed his gun to Shane I saw him going for his knife and I was so relieved. So I know where my loyalty lies. Sorry Shane. Wish you weren't leaving, but since you are "See-Ya."

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  1. Rick DOES know that people who don't get bit are turning into zombies. This was Dr. Jenner's big secret. And since Rick knows that people are infected and will turn into zombies when they die, he decides to shoot Tony in the bar, in the head, after he's shot him twice and obviously killed him (remember?). In any case, Andrew Lincoln admitted in an interview that in the penultimate episode, we would find out the secret that Dr. Jenner told Rick. Well, that was the secret. Let's just wait and see if Rick admits it to the group in the last episode. I think it may take until season three for him to open up about it.